Can you spot a PCC ad?

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The Press Complaints Commission has launched a new advertising campaign to raise awareness of its services. This is a positive move by the commission which is often criticised for being too low profile – it receives significantly fewer annual complaints than the ASA, Ofcom or the BBC Trust. So PCC Watch has decided to help audit the effectiveness of the campaign

It’s a tribute to the PCC’s quiet diplomacy that it has got the agreement of editors to run the campaign. Giving away commercial space is also a bold move by editors in these economically tough times for newspapers. It will be important for the PCC to demonstrate that they work; the creative costs probably represent a decent slug from its annual budget. So in a constructive spirit we’d like to help crowdsource how the advert is used.

PCC Watch is not in a position to pass judgement on the creative merits of the adverts. But the messaging does appear to be interesting. There are three options for newspapers to choose from and the messaging seems to be graded – perhaps depending on the willingness of the editor?

  • “We will listen to your concerns” suggests little action
  • “We will look into your concerns” may be accurate but it doesn’t imply toughness
  • “We will ensure your voice is heard” is much more promising – suggesting an organisation fighiting on behalf of complainants (true in from anecdotal feedback the MST has received)

You can view the adverts on a pdf here.

The PCC and the MST both have limited resources, so we’ve thrown open a Google Doc. If you spot a PCC ad in a newspaper or online please let us know so we can track which newspapers run which ads and which versions. We’ll then keep track of the results to see what happens.

If you see an ad, please fill in this form:

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October 1st, 2010 at 1:23 pm

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